Welcome to Project Dicyber!

  • Did you ever felt like you were the only women in the conference room?
  • Did you suffer from the Impostor Syndrome as part of your day to day job?
  • Were you judged by your look or age? 
  • Did people treat you differently based on your background?

This project is dedicated to all of you who felt there’s a need to bring more diversity to the growing industry of Cybersecurity. Its main goal is to celebrate our differences, through an understanding that each individual is unique, and our differences should be celebrated. Moreover, it is aimed at exploring what shared background Cybersecurity professional have in common, so we can build a roadmap for generations to come, seeking ways to increase diversity.

Interviewing 100 influencers in Cybersecurity, through a series of podcasts which will be posted right here on a monthly basis. The project is expected to take 2.5 years to complete and the results of this analysis will be posted on January 1, 2022. But wait .. this is where it gets interesting. While I put together the list of the first 10 interviewees based on my personal experience, each interviewer will be asked to introduce 2-3 new players to ensure the expansion of the project beyond my close circle.

For years – I’ve been the only women in the room and never spend a second thinking about it. Additionally, female colleagues came and went, but more than 50% of them quit early on and did not make it to senior levels. When I finally raised my head from my computer screen, it became obvious we have made very minor progress over the past 15 years.  It is time to help others find their passion and join a career in one of the most challenging and satisfying fields.